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MUSIC MANAGEMENT USA is a leading independent Management and Promotions Agency representing the best of cutting-edge music worldwide.

My first PR/Publicity Firm was called Low Key Enterprises, Inc
This was established right after working as Publicist for John Lennon & Yoko Ono on Double Fantasy.

My subsequent clients included:

Robert Palmer, The Cars, Blue Man Group, John Mellencamp, Evan Dando & The Lemonheads, The Band, The New Riders of the Purple Sage (members included musicians from The Grateful Dead), Paul Weller & The Jam, Tears For Fears, OMD, Mission of Burma, Buzzcocks, Little Feat, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Joan Jett, Sonic Youth, Commander Cody, Aimee Mann, Duran Duran, The Specials, Squeeze, Madness, Aerosmith, Henry Rollins/Black Flag, The Rifles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure, Ray Davies of The Kinks, and many more.


I have also been involved with arranging commercial soundtracks, corporate communications, festivals, benefits; and conceived the advertising campaign for Guinness, when one of my brothers was the CEO.

Today, Rock Management USA is a leading independent Management & Promotions Agency representing the best of cutting edge music worldwide.

If you are an outstanding musician and would like to further your career, we would like to hear from you.

My one on one connections with clientele is what differentiates me from so many faceless/nameless people who are assigned to tasks in the ordinary management/publicity firm, or at major record companies.

I am well known, well respected, and well liked. Which is why people pick up the phone when I call, read my press releases, and generally give me the time of day,
knowing that I only represent artists and causes worthy of attention.

And like the name of my initial corporation, I still take a ‘low key’ approach to promotion and publicity, because it is always the high road to the transfer of enthusiasm.

 Full story of my years as head of Concert Committee in college:

A Little John Lennon Story

In 1975, I worked for Public Television Manhattan while a senior at prep school.
I got a semesters' credit for writing a journal about my experience. The station, WNET/13, afforded me the opportunity to work with an Eon mmy Award-winning Producer as a Research Assistant. 

One day while returning from an assignment, I was walking down Central Park South when I heard a voice engaged in conversation behind me which sounded oddly familiar.
I turned to see who it was.
The voice belonged to the unmistakable fellow in the white suit wearing wire rimmed glasses, who'd been talking to a businessman in a dark suit.
"It wouldn't be John Lennon, would it?" I inquired.
"Well if it isn't," he quipped, "I haven't got me head screwed on right."
At that I laughed and shook his hand saying,
"How do you maintain your anonymity walking down the street like this?" To which Lennon replied,
"I'm alright 'til I meet someone like you..." (both of us grinning).
Cut to 1979/1980...
I went on to College and upon graduation landed a job in television in Hollywood. 
I worked as a Production Assistant and Script Editor on a couple of Norman Lear sit-coms.
One night I was introduced to an attractive woman at a party who happened to be a headhunter in the entertainment business. 
She persuaded me to send her a resume and subsequently would phone on a number of occasions to inform me of exciting new opportunities I might like to pursue.
When one of them involved working with John and Yoko on their latest recording, I jumped at the opportunity.

So, five years after our initial encounter, and Yoko's okay to my astrological chart, I was hanging out with John, Yoko, & the band and getting paid for it. 
I flew to Manhattan to sit in on the recording of Double Fantasy at the Hit Factory, and to work as their Publicist on the project.
When John and I sat down to have dinner together (beer & sushi), I told him the story of how we'd met years earlier and our brief dialogue.
He laughed and said, "Sounds typical." Referring to the exchange as something he would likely say.
He even accepted a pin with a headshot of him from around 1964 and as he put it on his jacket, saying, in his mock-serious, self-effacing manner,"It took me hours to get me hair that way!" 

He was warm, congenial, and always clever. After his tragic murder, I took some solace in the knowledge that he died at a very happy time in his life. 
How truly untypical that fate would bring us together again...
I am forever grateful to John & Yoko for giving me my start in the music business!

Since then, I've had the pleasure of promoting everyone from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to The Cure. 

Bands may submit music videos for placement consideration on our website.

Thanks to all the great artists who've been a part of this fantastic musical experience.